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July, the month of Sticks!

Posted by SinJul on June 8, 2008

5 different Arcade Sticks are announced to be on sell in July.

The first 2 Sticks are Amazon Versions of the Hori Real Arcade Pro 1 and 3. They will be like the normal version just in a different color. The HRAP1 will have orange buttons and stick and a black case. The HRAP3 will have white buttons and stick and a white case.

Both sticks will probably only be avaible in Japan, so you will have to import them. Akihabara Shop opened preorders a while ago.


As those 2 HRAP versions are made for Playstation 1/2 and 3, Hori also announced a Real Arcade Pro version for the XBox360! This one is called the Hori Real Arcade Pro EX. Some online shops already allow pre-ordering the stick, for example Akihabara shop already opened pre-order.


The final 2 sticks are actually not new but Soul Calibur 4 versions of the Fighting Stick 3 and EX2 for the PS3 and Xbox360. They are the same sticks as the normal versions, just with a different artwork.

Both sticks are avaible on and you do not need to import them from Japan. The PS3 stick costs 50$ and the XBox 360 stick costs 60$.

PS3 Fighting StickXBox fighting stick

So if you need a stick for the Play Station 3 or the XBox360 now is the time to secure one of those 5 sticks! The Real Arcade Pro sticks should get rare very quickly!

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