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Mod-It Arcade Stick

Posted by SinJul on June 9, 2008

Today I’m going to review the Mod-It Arcade Stick. First off, I bought this Stick for 15Euros at Pearl (German/Austrian shop that sells everything by companies nobody knows) and the Stick actually is a Saulabi Fake. This is not only shown by the overall design of the stick but also by the ” The Powerful Stick for Fighting Game” Engrish. Well that does not necessarily have to be something that shows that the stick is bad, even though Korean Sticks are not very well known outside of Korea. Here are pictures to compare the original and the fake. The Mod-It stick works on PS1 and PS2.

Saulabi original

The Mod-It Arcade Stick features 10 30mm Buttons and a bat-top stick. I could not find any company name on the bottons or the stick, so they are really “noname” and not only by a company that nobody knows about. It also has 2 “analog balls” that are like the 2 analog sticks of the PS1/2 Dual Shock controllers. I will explain their function later.

Button Layout

The button layout is pretty weird as it’s like an American button layout but going diagonal and not horizontally like the American button layout. The buttons in order from left to right: Top Row: L1, Square, Triangle, R1. Bottom Row: L2, X, O, R2. This means that you will be using the 6 bottons from the right but there is no real difference as the layout does not really change like if you would use the L1/L2 buttons instead of the R1/R2 buttons when using a Hori Real Arcade Pro. You can easily see how they tried to save money by using the same buttons for the start and select button. Most of the time the start and select button are smaller than the buttons you use for playing. In my opinion the button layout is okay when you get used to it but you will not be able to use the Arcade Stick of somebody else as the layout does not resemble an Arcade layout in any way! Also the buttons work fine but not as reliable as Sanwa buttons do. Sometimes I pressed 2 buttons at the same time but the Arcade Stick registered one press before the other.

The stick is a real challenge for somebody who is used to Sanwa or Seimitsu sticks as the Stick needs to be moved a lot further than japanese sticks. I measured around 2cm until you hit the case. This is 1cm more than the Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 needs. When I played with the Stick sometimes I tried to block while crouching and the Stick only registered the crouching command. This is definately a bad aspect of the stick and comes from the long shaft. The bat-top is not too bad and I guess there is not a big difference between different bat-tops and one can get used to it. I always played with a ball-top before but as I also grab the ball-top like a bat-top it was not a big conversion.

Turbo/Clear buttons

Those 2 “analog balls” also are used to activate the turbo function. This works by pressing down the turbo ball and then pressing the button you want to activate the turbo for. You deactivate the turbo by pressing the clear button and then the button that had the turbo function turned on. It’s a weird way to activate the turbo function but at least the Arcade Stick has the function.

The Arcade Stick is also supposed to have a vibration function but I think that nobody really wants to use this funtion.

Back of the StickWires

Let’s take a look inside the Arcade Stick. Before you are able to take a look inside the stick one has to remove the 4 rubber feet of the stick that hide the screws. The PCB consists of 3 parts that seem to be seperated into one main and two smaller parts. The Buttons are connected to the main part and the stick cables are connected to a smaller part. As you can see some cables are glued to the case. The inside looks really cheap and a lot more unclean that the inside of the HRAP2:SA. On the bottom part of the case a big plate out of some weird material I cannot really identify is glued to the case to make the Stick heavier. The stick weights less than 2kg and I guess if you remove the plate it will only weight around 600-700g.

All in all the stick is okay and worth the 15Euros but it is not really the best stick on the market. You cannot expect a lot of a noname Arcade Stick but you can play with it. The Stick and Buttons are not the best but acceptable. I don’t recommend this stick to people that wnat to play Fighting Games in competitivly as one does not always get the actions one wants.

My rating for the Mod-It Arcade Stick:

  • Buttons: 6/10
  • Stick: 5/10
  • Case: 4/10 (Stick is hard to remove for modding)
  • Price-Performance: 8/10 (a Playstation>USB converter is included)

Sometimes you are able to find the stick on ebay but Pearl stopped selling the sticks probably because they ran out of stock. You can start getting into Fighting Games with this Stick but you should get another Stick soon.

P.S: I’m sorry that only the first image is clickable to get a bigger image but I had problems putting the images I uploaded into the review.

2 Responses to “Mod-It Arcade Stick”

  1. Murphy said

    Do you have a windows drivers for this Joy? I bought the joystick at but the cd thay attached was unreadable. Do you know where I can find the drivers for it? I try to search on google but with no luck.

  2. BetterLateThanNever said

    The contents of the CD is just 1 MB. You can find it on RapidShare. No problems under Windows XP. Even rumble works.

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