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Custom Arcade Stick Part 1: The parts

Posted by SinJul on June 23, 2008

Today me Buttons, Sticks and the Stick harness arrived. As you can see the buttons are Sanwa OSBF-30 in black and white and OSBF-24 in white and yellow (not producing black OSBF-24 :/). Both sticks are Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT with a white and a black balltop. So you probably already know what theme I chose, a black and white theme.Also got some How-To-Play cards for free 😀

Controller PCB and Wood pictures will get uploaded when I got the wood and opened the controllers. Stay tuned!


The controllers are normal PS1 controllers produced by Sony. One is Version M and the other is Version H. I can’t upload Pics of the PCB because my camera sucks and pictures from a short distance are blurred a lot. If you want a detailed picture of the PCB of both versions please visit SlagCoin’s joystick site, the link is on the right collum. You can also see my feet, hello there buddies! 😀

The Wood is 80cm long, 20cm wide and 18mm thick. I got 4 of those. One will be the bottom and another will be holding the stick units, so it will be 8cm above the bottom. I’ll go further into details in my 2nd part: The case!

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