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Datel Arcade Pro

Posted by SinJul on June 1, 2012

It’s been a while everyone. Today I’m reviewing a stick I have been using for quite some time:  the “Datel Arcade Pro” (DAP).

The DAP features a PCB combining the ability to play on Xbox 360 AND PS3 out of the box. Not bad for an arcade stick that only costs 30Euro, eh? One switches between PS3 and Xbox360 mode by holding the “Turbo” Button while plugging the stick into the console or PC.

The measures of the DAP are 25,5 x 31 x 11,5 cm. It is also pretty light-weight and has a 3m USB cable. The length of the USB cable is long enough to be sitting at a comfortable distance, but also not too long for having a problem with the cable getting in the way while moving around.

The faceplate features 8 28mm buttons, 4 small buttons and 1 lever. 28mm buttons means that Korean buttons will fit in just fine, but the holes need to be widened for Japanese buttons as they are 30mm in diameter.

The buttons don’t use microswitches but press on a PCB directly. This PCB is connected to a smaller PCB that picks up the signals. Actually you do not need the big PCB that the buttons press down on if you are modding the stick with Microswitch buttons. Just solder the cables of the buttons directly to the smaller PCB. Also the PCB is common ground, so you can daisy chain the ground of the buttons and only have to solder one ground cablte to the PCB.

The buttons are alright to play on. Not the most comfortable buttons, but playable. I didn’t have any problems doing 2button presses using the DAP. Only problem is pressing 4 buttons at the same time , which is needed for games like “Karnov’s Revenge”, but I only do a bit better on Sanwa buttons. I would blame my button layout I use for the game in this case.

The lever reminds me a bit of the Sanwa JLF. I have no problem doing precise inputs and the distance one has to press the lever into a direction for it to activate is similiar to the Sanwa JLF in my opinion. A really great lever for this price range. If you are used to play on a Sanwa JLF or the DAP you should have no problem switching between those two.

All in all I think the “Datel Arcade Pro” is a really great stick for its price. The buttons are a bit uncomfortable, yes, but one can still play for hours using the stick, just don’t use too much force pressing the buttons.

If you would like to read a tutorial how to mod the DAP, please take a look at laughs tutorial on modding the “Paewang Revolution” (Same stick as the DAP, just a different name) on DAP modding tutorial

I give this stick a 7/10 for the great PCB, good lever and acceptable buttons. Main reason for only giving it a 7/10 is the work you have to put into the stick if you want to replace the buttons and lever with Sanwa parts.

As a bonus, have a LINK to a faceplate for the DAP made by Arcade Forge.

P.S.: I’m gonna upload some more pictures of the stick later on.

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