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First pictures of the Street Fighter 4 Stick by MadCatz!

Posted by SinJul on September 12, 2008

Today the first pictures of the official Street Fighter 4 Arcade Stick developed by MadCatz showed up. Well the first pictures of the premium version of the stick as there will also be a basic version. The premium version has Sanwa Buttons and Stick, so it has the same parts like the japanese Arcade Cabinets. Also the Artwork can be exchanged easily.

The price for the Premium version is 140$ and for the basic version 70$ but MarkMan, one of the developers, says that the prices are not set and they still try to reduce the prize.

In my opinion the Premium Stick looks a lot like a Custom Stick and seems very interesting as it’s cheaper than importing a Hori Real Arcade Pro and comes with both Sanwa Buttons and Stick.


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Custom Arcade Stick Part 2: The Case

Posted by SinJul on September 12, 2008

Alright! Haven’t updated this for quite some time and I’m sorry. I progressed a lot so I can update the blog again!

First thing you will have to do for the case is to decide on the size. As I build a 2Player stick I need a very long case so both players can play at the same time without getting in each others way. That’s why I decided on 80cm length, 20cm width and 10cm height.

I got 4 plates of wood with the measures of 80x20x2cm (length,width,thickness) and one big plexi glass plate with the thickness of 2mm. The size of the wood is perfect as it already is 80x20cm and I don’t have to cut it for the bottom and top panel.

I cut one plate in half so that the height halfs and that I get 2plates with the measures of 80x10x2cm because those are the front and back of the case. The 3rd plate is cut in the measures of 20x10x2 twice to get the left and right side of the case. I used the rest of the 3rd plate for 6 small block that I put the top panel on.

Then I cut the plexi to 80x20cm and drew the layout on the foil that is on the plate. Remove it after you finished with all the holes or else the risk of it splitting is higher! As I could not find a 30mm hole adapter for the drill, I drilled a hole in the middle of every spot that a button will be placed and then used a hand jigsaw (hope that’s the right word. fuck you google!) to cut out the holes. I used one that you could cut in all directions with so it was easier. Also I cut the holes in the wood under the plexi. I used 32mm and 26mm holes to have enough space. You can see the result in the last pictures of this article!

The pictures show the case after grounding to the 3rd coat of paint. I used spray ground and paint (I’ll upload an image of the sprays I used when I got batteries for my camera) and it turned out pretty good. Just make sure to have the paint even on the case in the end. Also ignore my feet 😀 .

And that’s how the case looks like! The only thing that is missing are the holes for the cable of the PCB but that’s not a big deal. I think you should know how to drill a small hole into wood. ^^

Greetings SinJul.

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Custom Arcade Stick Part 1: The parts

Posted by SinJul on June 23, 2008

Today me Buttons, Sticks and the Stick harness arrived. As you can see the buttons are Sanwa OSBF-30 in black and white and OSBF-24 in white and yellow (not producing black OSBF-24 :/). Both sticks are Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT with a white and a black balltop. So you probably already know what theme I chose, a black and white theme.Also got some How-To-Play cards for free 😀

Controller PCB and Wood pictures will get uploaded when I got the wood and opened the controllers. Stay tuned!


The controllers are normal PS1 controllers produced by Sony. One is Version M and the other is Version H. I can’t upload Pics of the PCB because my camera sucks and pictures from a short distance are blurred a lot. If you want a detailed picture of the PCB of both versions please visit SlagCoin’s joystick site, the link is on the right collum. You can also see my feet, hello there buddies! 😀

The Wood is 80cm long, 20cm wide and 18mm thick. I got 4 of those. One will be the bottom and another will be holding the stick units, so it will be 8cm above the bottom. I’ll go further into details in my 2nd part: The case!

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July, the month of Sticks!

Posted by SinJul on June 8, 2008

5 different Arcade Sticks are announced to be on sell in July.

The first 2 Sticks are Amazon Versions of the Hori Real Arcade Pro 1 and 3. They will be like the normal version just in a different color. The HRAP1 will have orange buttons and stick and a black case. The HRAP3 will have white buttons and stick and a white case.

Both sticks will probably only be avaible in Japan, so you will have to import them. Akihabara Shop opened preorders a while ago.


As those 2 HRAP versions are made for Playstation 1/2 and 3, Hori also announced a Real Arcade Pro version for the XBox360! This one is called the Hori Real Arcade Pro EX. Some online shops already allow pre-ordering the stick, for example Akihabara shop already opened pre-order.


The final 2 sticks are actually not new but Soul Calibur 4 versions of the Fighting Stick 3 and EX2 for the PS3 and Xbox360. They are the same sticks as the normal versions, just with a different artwork.

Both sticks are avaible on and you do not need to import them from Japan. The PS3 stick costs 50$ and the XBox 360 stick costs 60$.

PS3 Fighting StickXBox fighting stick

So if you need a stick for the Play Station 3 or the XBox360 now is the time to secure one of those 5 sticks! The Real Arcade Pro sticks should get rare very quickly!

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