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Summer Break Project: 2Player Arcade Stick

Posted by sinjul on June 13, 2008

I just want to announce that I will be building my own 2 Player Arcade Stick in my summer break. It’s my first self built stick ever and I will update the blog with pictures when I worked on the stick.

You might ask why I want to build a 2player arcade stick. Well, I’m interested in a 2player stick as I got 3 single sticks but I want to play with some friends from time to time and so I want to play with them on my own 2Player Arcade Stick.

If somebody knows a lot about building your own Arcade Stick please add me in any messanger (see about me) as I might have some questions.

I hope you readers will cooperate with me and help me get this done as good as possible. ^^
Thanks guys, SinJul.

Update: My Buttons, Sticks and PS1 controllers will arrive next week. I don’t know if I will start the case this weekend but I will start working on the stick soon. So expect some updates ^^


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My own Arcade Stick Review Blog!

Posted by sinjul on June 7, 2008

Hey guys and gals!

I’ll post reviews of different Arcade Sticks here and show you the pros and cons of the sticks. I’m an active Beat Em Up / Fighting Game player and have been to several tournaments. So I know what I’m talking about.

I will upload the first review in a few days and it will be about the Hori Real Arcade Pro 2: Special Addition!

Hope you will look for new reviews and Arcade Stick news on my blog!

See ya, SinJul.

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